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It is our mission to fight for kids’ creativity.

neve / hawk is committed to this cause. We show our gratitude for creativity by personally hand screening original artwork onto every garment we manufacture and by donating a portion of our profits to help keep the arts in public schools.

We love to imagine and create, and at neve / hawk we get to turn that love into something real. This privilege of ours comes after a lifetime of being encouraged through arts education programs -- to explore our creativity through art, dance, music, illustration, and theater.

Our families AND our teachers taught us how to push creative boundaries and expand cognitive thinking. This partnership positively and irrevocably changed our lives. It fueled our passions and gave us a path forward in the innovative jobs sector.

Sadly, this nurturing environment is no longer available for many American children, as arts education programs are being removed from public school curricula due to untenable budget cuts. We believe that it is our job to fight for our children’s well-rounded education, to fight for their imaginations to be stimulated and perceived boundaries to be shattered.

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