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The Journey is the Destination

We are a California made children’s clothing brand found in around 50 stores worldwide. Four years ago, we started knowing nothing about the business, just two people who turned their master bedroom into a screen print press- spending many “date nights” drinking wine, sewing, illustrating, burning screens, mixing ink and screening those illustrations onto the clothing as our children slept.

Our hobby fueled a passion and that passion grew into this brand. As our passion grew, so did our audience. The first year we started, we were in around 15 stores, then 25, then 40, then 50. On the outside it appeared to look like a huge success, a business born truly of love.

But, as our audience grew, as we got larger and larger, we felt lost, unsure and detached from why we started this brand. Our designs didn’t feel 100% ours as we were answering to the stores and reps who helped sell us. In addition, the numbers we had to produce didn’t allow for us to make it all by hand. In fact, although all was designed in house and some dyed in our backyard, all sewing, all printing started getting fished out to other places. And, we found ourselves behind a desk instead of behind a press. We found ourselves chasing numbers and not dreams.

This past year we almost threw it all away. We almost stopped it all as it wasn’t fulfilling and horribly hard. And then we realized that quitting would be a shame- the hours and time spent figuring out a world we had never known, a world we jumped into because of the joy it brought us in the days of drinking wine, mixing ink, late night sewing sessions.

And it was so clear. We had to get back to that time, get back to our joy, get back to the basics. We had to bring it back to what we love, in all areas.

And here we are.

Our passions as a family are creativity and adventure. And so, that is what we will be bringing to you all and our dear town of San Anselmo. We will be producing clothing and other goods for the whole family based around these core values and will be bringing in other brands that celebrate the same. And, most importantly, we will be providing a space for children and adults to possibly find their passion through art- teaching many classes in many mediums… mixing paint, burning screens.. finding and spreading joy through making, finding and spreading joy through adventure, finding and spreading joy through community.

We are a brand that wants to inspire families to feed their adventurous and creative spirit. And, we can’t wait to be a part of this community.

neve | hawk
641 San Anselmo Ave.
San Anselmo, CA. 94960

Tues. - Fri: 11 - 6
Sat: 10 - 6
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