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I am just going to be honest, I am completely in love with our HAMPTON SWEATER.


I am sure you may be thinking " Don't you love everything you do?" Well, no and yes. I like it all very much, of course, but I really connect with only a few pieces each season. And, well, our Hampton Sweater  is one of the garments that has a piece of my soul. Since the beginning of its conception, I have been giddy as a school girl over this design and its possibilities. We here at neve/ hawk love creating pieces that can be worn many ways.  In fact,   n / h was actually started based on this simple principle. Versatility in a garment adds to its life span & its wearability. It also harbors creativity by allowing the person wearing the garment to choose it's daily design. (or the parent of the person wearing the garment :-))  Some of our skirts turn to dresses, some sweaters are reversible...





Below are 5 different ways you can tie this sweater. Keep in mind that the bottom ribbon is encased, allowing you to decide the overall fit of the sweater by either cinching it for a more blousy effect or leaving it loose for a more relaxed look:












THE GLORIOUS JUMBLE is created by tying together the opposite CONTRAST ribbons. So, the dark chambray print is tied to the stripe denim slub on the opposite side of the sweater. Because the contrast ribbons are diagonal from each other, this option cinches the center a tad, creating a really funky look. I prefer this option with the bottom encased tie pulled tighter to add to the blousy/cinchy/funky style. Because I like chaos and tend to like a more unconventional look, I love this one.




          #2---THE CENTER BOW



THE CENTER BOW is the most proper of the bunch :-) (And, the easiest!). Simply tie the like ribbons together from the opposite side. You can choose how large you like your bows. I personally like them rather big, with only an inch or two or ribbon left at the end. As with THE GLORIOUS JUMBLE, I prefer this style to have the bottom ribbon tied tight. This style looks great with a plain legging.




       #3---THE OPEN KNOT



THE OPEN KNOT is achieved by tying each ribbon into a knot, even the bottom encased ribbon. The hardest part with this style is tying them in a manner that allows them to lay flat against the garment as opposed to sticking out. I do this by making sure I tie the knot from the angle in which I want it to lay (sounds a little harder than it is). We prefer this style with some jeans and a t-shirt, and a rolled sleeve is a must :-)







THE LOOSE SIDE TIE is just that-- tying the ties on the same side together, either closer to the top ties OR the bottom, creating a new "line" in the garment with the ribbon being pulled down (or up) but not cinched. This style works well with the bottom ribbon either cinched or relaxed. We wear our Hampton Sweater this way with overalls quite a bit. It allows you to see what is underneath with kind of a careless feel. 







THE SAME SIDE CINCH is the most popular way to wear our Hampton Sweater. To get this look, you simply unite the same side ties, pulling tight when doing so. We have played around with letting the ribbon hang longer, but always come back to the bow. You can control how cinched you want the sides of the sweater but I suggest pulling as snug as you can without hurting the garment. It really creates a fun, more fitting vibe. Roll the sleeves and your child is ready to go! This option goes with just about anything but looks really swell with a dress due to its more fitting shape. 



How fun is this sweater?! The best part is that your child can wear it for many seasons! With rolling the sleeves and cinching the waist, this garment can be worn many times over! 


***We would LOVE to see how you wear your HAMPTON SWEATER! Email us pictures for us to post!!***


Oh, and SURPRISE!! Use code 'HAMPTON' when checking out and you get 25% off!! HOLLA!!














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