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The Rockies Rocked My World

After our Kansas City ambush, we drove to Burlington CO to spend the night. We were originally going to spend 2 days in Denver to take a break and regroup. Because we could no longer do this due to making up time lost in the beginning of the trip, we woke up early the next day to arrive in Denver as early as possible and enjoy a full 24 hours of relaxation.


 We fell in love with Denver.


First of all, rented the cutest little space near City Park. Thank you AirBnB! (If you have never used AirBnB, you must. We now use it for most of our traveling and have never had a bad experience). The space was perfect- we could walk to everything, had an outside area with a swing and sandbox for the kids AND we were able to wash all of our dirty clothes from the past week. Heavenly in my book.


 What made being in Denver even sweeter was the fact that my dear friend from growing up lives there with her cute husband. I wouldn’t even say friend. I would say family. Our mamas were part of the same group of friends and as kids our families did many things together. I refer to her parents as "aunt" and "uncle" and their presence was a major part of my childhood. So,as you can imagine,being able to spend time together was just plain awesome- catching up on each other’s lives... picking up where we left off. Yep, fabulous.


This is Jenny. 





This is our whole group with Jenny's cute husband, Nick.


They are awesome, folks. If you live in Denver and see them, give them a high five.


The rest of the time was spent in City Park.. Neve burning off her energy via riding her bike while we strolled next to her...Hawk asleep in the stroller. Magical. You know what is even more magical? Your kids not in bed with you.


Christmas, I tell you, Christmas.



We woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the day... Hawk was once again super excited about our ambush. Denver had the most names in the hat.. 16 total. Thank you, Denver! Slowly and carefully, he wrote the names on paper, put them in a hat and had Neve pick one. *you all know I am kidding right? I mean, the dude is 2. *

We picked a name, mapquested the address, and went on our merry way.


 Hawk: i go. say surprise. they home? i wear my lion nose? where is my sword mama? i have cape?


We show up to the most precious neighborhood and hid the uhaul down the street. Hawk jumped out of the car, Neve not far behind. They marched up to the door and rang the bell, their anticipation electric.



And, once again, no one was home.


mama, i sad. no one home. where are they? i have cape? where are they?


*I mean, what did we expect? People to be home at all hours? Clearly we did not think this all the way through*



So, we left a little sweet surprise on their porch- the porch of fan Amy Asper. Congrats Amy! Your dog sounded cute from the porch! When we were leaving, Hawk had another brilliant idea.

we had so many entries, mama. why don’t we pick another name and try again..


Ummmm, ok.



So we gathered the names again and picked a new one, mapquested the address and went on our merry way.


We showed up in a completely different and equally charming part of Denver. Hawk and Neve flew out of the car again..


Hawk: another house, mama? surprise mama? i do it. i have cape? surprise mama?


Knock. Knock. Knock.





 We were at the home of Maia Chavez Larkin! How awesome Maia is! Her gorgeous little girl, Q, was at camp so Neve was bummed but we had an awesome time getting to know each other. Maia was only recently introduced to our brand during our Haul by a mutual friend. (A fabulous mutual friend- thanks Julie Martin!) As it turns out, she is an illustrator and all around creative herself. AND, she ended up ambushing us with some incredible goodies -- I MEAN, INCREDIBLE. Take a look at this doll handmade and illustrated by her:



Neve named her Stella. Stella is already sick of the car.



That is what I love about this trip-- meeting awesome people along the way and learning about their lives, what they do, what they love. This world is full of interesting, lovely humans. How cute is she?:




And then we hopped in the car again and were on our way... next stop: Salt Lake City.


PS- after losing this blog once and Hawk just waking up screaming after it was rewritten and almost done, I apologize for any grammatical errors. 


Jun 23, 2013 • Posted by Sharon DeColibus

Sounds like an incredible journey and full of fun and adventure for all of you! I enjoyed reading along your way to San Francisco.

Jun 22, 2013 • Posted by Maia

So lovely to meet your darling family, and Q LOVES the outfit! She was so sad she wasn’t home to meet Neve :( She insists that you guys come back so they can have a play date!

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