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Oh Sweet Nashville...

Oh Nashville, how we needed you so.


We pulled up to our hotel the night before last night it felt like we were entering a castle compared to the journey thus far.


Oh Sheraton, how I love you.


As an added bonus, Bob and I got to hit the town 15 minutes after we arrived. You see, Bob’s sweet mom is on this cross country adventure with us and she insisted we head out on the town to spend some time together. Umm, ok! No convincing necessary! We arrived to the hotel at 8:30 and were changed, freshened up and out the door by 9.

Initially, our plan was to head to Germantown to a restaurant called Rolf and Daughters because we heard it was amazing. But, mid cab ride, we decided to head downtown to the hustle and bustle since we didn’t know when we would be in Nashville again and wanted to experience the whole of what Nashville is. J

Wow—I don’t think I have seen that many people on the streets in a long time.


It. Was. Bumping.


We quickly took it all in and then headed to Etch, an incredible restaurant just outside the craziness.

*Special note: I ate THE BEST CAULIFLOWER OF MY LIFE. I wanted to live in it--to breath and bathe in it. *

Dinner was the first time we got to slow down in quite some time. It was delightful just sitting back, talking about our journey and enjoying each other with the stresses of moving not around. 


I love this man....



Man, that dinner was good. But, we are losers and our 10 pm dinner made us sleepy. So, what we thought would be a big night on the town turned into dinner and another walk in the craziness and then the cab ride back to the hotel and our sorry buckets In bed by midnight. We did listen to some fantastic fiddling for 3 minutes and took a picture of these creepsters:



So all in all, it was a great night!


The next morning Hawk woke up at the crack of dawn (those of you that know us know that our kids like to see the sun rise…. Why, Lord? WHY?)

I wanted to roll over and pretend I didn’t hear him (I am incredibly talented in this department) But, then I realized it was Father’s Day.




So, I put a bra on, grabbed my debit card and a diaper and took little man downstairs to what he called' The Shiny Palace'. (really, it looks like a palace). Between the shiny floor entry way and the courtyard, we killed 2 hours. We even got a breakfast buffet to go and sat outside.. a killer time for all at 6 am.

It was during this half-awake bonding experience that Hawk demanded another ambush. Maybe it was lack of good conversation? But anyway, he was very adamant about it.

Okay, okay dude. Simmer.

We picked a name again out of a hat and were extra pumped because this person drew us an awesome picture to lure us to her home on Instagram as well as a sweet message on Facebook. We packed the car and headed her way.


Hawk was SO UNBELIEVABLY PUMPED that I turned around to get him out of the car and found him like this:



For the love, little man. You demanded this.

Have no fear, we called in our back up.  (Hawk would have been totally mad with her taking his lead) And she was taking it incredibly seriously.


The girl marched up to the door and knocked like her life depended on it.


AND… no one.


Not home again. But, they left the incredible drawing  on the porch in hopes of the ambush. How great, right? And to top if off, her lovely neighbor caught us and yelled: “Are you neve & hawk? She was so hoping you would come.. she is going to go crazy!”.


Who is she? She is fan Lillian Willis Boeskook with three kids... 8, 7 and 5.  


CONGRATS LILLIAN! We are so incredibly sad to miss you all!


Her neighbor was as lovely as could be and we got to leave her with something as well. Fun Fun Fun!!! An ambush from an ambush. Holla. *high fives all around*


We departed and went on our way, enjoying Nashville and making some people happy in the streets with random giveaways. (We really stopped people and gave away items) I am sure all of these people thought we were nuts. Some I knew did so I didn’t take any pictures as to not let myself look any more suspect.

 I did, however, capture this cute family after we stopped them!







* Our Kansas City ambush will be posted soon!*



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