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We had a blast yesterday with our first ambush of the trip! We went to the home of fan Tarah Carpenter of Goose Creek, SC and let me tell you-- HAWK. WAS. PUMPED.  


Here is his take on what happened:


I go to the home. mama help me ring bell. where are they? handy manny on my shirt? where are they? you give them pants mama? put in mailbox? i do it myself.


That's right.. our first ambush and no one was home. But, it was still a blast and Tarah saw her house posted on Facebook!! What a shock while sitting at the hair dressers. Sorry we missed you Tarah!


We are at it again today in the Knoxville and Nashville areas!!! 






We also had our first Instagram and Facebook winners for sharing our journey!! Holla!


Congrats to the following for winning a $50 gift card each to our online store! It was that easy- just share folks!!



Onward and outward. Hawk is ready to go...


Jun 15, 2013 • Posted by Tarah C.

Love it! Sorry we missed you guys! Hope your trip is going well with all the set backs! Maybe you should just come back to Charleston!! :) I am still so excited that you guys came to my house. I love seeing this pic pop on facebook and instagram! Journey on!!

Jun 15, 2013 • Posted by Sarah Blevins

This is awesome!! Two familiar names!

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