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I have been wanting to write this blog post for a little while now. Maybe I haven't because I didn't know what to say. Or, maybe I was in disbelief that it was really happening. Or, maybe it is because I feel so unbelievably loyal to this lovely city we call home...

this lovely city we get to call home for 6 more weeks...

That's right. Our family, neve / hawk is moving from Charleston SC to San Francisco CA. 

We never thought about moving. Well, that is actually a fib. I ALWAYS dream about touring the world... there is so much to see, so much to do!! But, since arriving in 2004, we fell in love with this town, its people, its charm. Our life is beautifully simple here... Bob's office is literally 3 blocks from our neve / hawk studio, he loves his job and works for close friends, our house is 5 miles from our work (and 5 miles means literally 5-10 minutes in this town!), we are 10 miles from the ocean, a bike ride away from Shepard's montessori school, close to Bob's brother AND my sister and Neve's bus literally drops her off in front of our house. I mean, come on!! Our lives are DREAMY. 

To top it off, Charleston is magical, completely nurturing of ones creative endeavors. And I know, for fact, that neve / hawk would not have started or flourished in this way if it weren't for Charleston. 

So, it was a huge surprise when my dear husband (and other half of neve / hawk) was "romanced" by another company headquartered in San Francisco. At first, we were both hesitant to even look into it. What? Rock this beautiful life? 

But, they offered to fly us out and you know what? We needed the vacation. :-) And, Bob needed to see what was being offered. And, I needed a cup of Blue Bottle coffee. 

So, we went. 

The trip didn't start off too well. We landed and got to our hotel. It wasn't until we went to pull out our phones for the confirmation # we realized that we BOTH had left our cell phones in the cab. In a random cab in San Francisco. Really? Both of us? (We got them back after I remembered the cab company name from being a street name by my college, called them and went through all their drivers to track the phones down). Ugh. Was this a sign?

The next day, we woke up at the crack of dawn due to the time change and went on a long run together, soaking in the city streets. We then grabbed our Blue Bottle and Bob headed to his meetings. My plan was to go look at areas that may work for our family to live. I had 2 days to decide if this would even be a good move for our family, job aside.. company aside. So I headed out and over the Golden Gate to Marin County... And, you will never believe what happened--

I got in a car accident. 

Not joking. 

And, not wanting to worry Bob or interrupt him during his meetings, I didn't call him. I spent 3 hours with the police and a little con artist lady who was trying to act hurt when she was driving with no license and talking on her cell phone. Yes, this IS a sign. GO HOME NOW GALMARINIS.

Bob called me after his meetings, wondering where I was. WIth his first word I knew...he was excited. He sounded so happy. I could tell with one word. HE LOVED IT . And, my heart sank and was happy at the same time. He deserved this. He deserved this excitement, this recognition. I mean, the man has skills. But, this wasn't my plan. And, he was happy where he was...

Kris, snap out of it. You will not be this wife. Shut your mouth. Who have you become? 6 years ago and you would be on cloud 9!

I met him and some others from the company for dinner after I drove the car back to the hotel going 20 miles an hour. I was a little frazzled and incredibly confused because I didn't get to explore anything besides the bumper of someone else's car.  But, dinner ended up being perfection. Wow, these people are wonderful.  They even smiled as I grilled them about the quality of life, the work life, how this would affect our family. (Yes, I did shoot a million questions to Bob's would be boss if he was officially offered/accepted the job).

And you know what? THEY BROUGHT UP neve / hawk!  They brought up how they have followed our little line, how one of the appeals of Bob was his passion for other endeavors, how they support neve / hawk 100%.  And, the clincher, how they could accommodate his schedule to allow him to be more a part of OUR company. 

And, it was right there at dinner that I saw a stress that has been over us for the past year start to melt away...a stress that we push away, causing more stress... The anxiety of shuffling the kids when I travel like a mad woman to Los Angeles every other month production, fabric, etc. The stress of Bob feeling a disconnect from our company due to not being able to make those trips with me. The stress of him not ever really sleeping so he can help with the business when he gets home from work. Just, the stress of it all.

It was right there that it hit me that we would be 5 hours from most of our production and not 3,000 miles, that Bob could travel with me to some of the meetings, to pick fabric, to shows. That Bob could see the process of neve / hawk in its entirety as well as have a job he loves. That Bob can have both. And that this, in itself, is EXACTLY what needed to happen for us to grow in the manner we desire.


Hold up Kris. He hasn't even officially been offered the job. And, you haven't even started looking for a place.

Oh, right.

The next day, we got another car and started madly searching for a spot. (side note: get the insurance they offer. It was the first time I splurged and bought it. winner) How different the city is when viewing it through parent goggles. We drove all over the city, marking off places we thought we would love and starring spots we had initially written off. And then we drove over the Golden Gate again to Marin County, heading to a house that I saw on Craigslist. We got off the exit and drove down the most beautiful road, huge redwoods coming out of the ground. We passed secret tree houses nestled in the trees, families biking everywhere, little shops and cute restaurants. And we came to the house, perched on the side of a mountain, very much out of a dream that has been living far back in my mind for years. We both looked at each other and started laughing...Laughing, giddy with excitement. Letting ourselves FEEL the excitement of it all.

Oh yeah... he WAS officially offered the job. Key. And, everything fit perfectly. 

So, we go. We say goodbye to the lovely city we have called home for the past 9 years. We give Charleston a hug, thank it for being SO INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL and count its numerous blessings.

We step out of our beautiful simplicity and into our new journey.

And, we do this completely knowing that God played a hand.



Bob and the kids out front of our new "treehouse"














May 04, 2013 • Posted by alex massaad

Testing from Shopify no need to approve

May 02, 2013 • Posted by John Peele

Great. Story. I smiled the entire time I was reading. Especially loved this part…

“We both looked at each other and started laughing. Laughing. Giddy with excitement. Letting ourselves FEEL the excitement of it all.”

I can almost imagine how that felt. My wife and I have bottled up similar emotions for years, and we love the little town we live in much the same way. I also have a fledgling clothing company and a design business that are constantly tugging on me in opposite directions.

I have followed you and Bob and neve / hawk for a while and plan to have a very similar story to share one day!

Congratulations and the best of wishes for your family!!!!

May 02, 2013 • Posted by Aunt Marty

I can see and picture you grilling “the boss to be” with our your questions along with your facial expressions. And with the new “boss to be” following neve/hawk was a huge plus.
You go girl, keep following your dreams that was motivated by one picture.
Love you and the family!

May 01, 2013 • Posted by monica ciccarelli

Yeah!!!! Super excited for you guys! Congrats Bob!

May 01, 2013 • Posted by Stewart

First of all congrats to all of you! I love what you guys are doing with your awesome brand and I’m really happy that this move will allow you to build upon all the amazing things you have done so far. We just moved to SF from Atlanta last week and our experience has been very similar to yours though without the car accident and only one phone left in the taxi! We also feel very blessed that we found the courage and strength to make the move. Already we feel it is the best thing we could have done even though it was hard to leave family. Our 4 year old already loves it too. Wishing you and Bob and the kids nothing but happiness, fun times and success in your new adventure!

May 01, 2013 • Posted by Tarah

What an exciting journey you have ahead of you! Wishing you the best of luck! Charleston will miss you!

May 01, 2013 • Posted by Kimmie

AWE!!!! So special! God is blessing your family and I’m so happy for you all! WAY TO GO!

May 01, 2013 • Posted by Cinderella

I love your stories! So excited for your new chapter. GO GALMARINIS!

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