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The Amazing Shannon Sewell

 Seriously, I can't say enough about Shannon Sewell. She is an amazing photographer, every picture jaw dropping, and an incredibly beautiful creative. You can tell all of these things simply by reading her "about" section on her website...

Don't you want to be friends with her??

You would be silly not to check out her whole site... galleries and blog. We are lucky enough to be included in a recent shoot Shannon did in California. *I CAN'T GET OVER THE LOVELINESS OF WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE*...

(click link above to see the whole blog post.. here are some of the highlights. heavens to betsy)

Also, check out the online creative sketchbook she and the incredible Julie Martin of Zozobugbaby have birthed. Ridiculous.

Become a fan of Dreamer: A Creative Sketchbook.

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