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Introducing Our First Full Line! Fall / Winter 2012



Today is the day. When reflecting back on the past 10 months since you, our devoted friends, family and fans - let’s call you our frans - gave us the financial seed money that allowed us to begin this journey in earnest, the process has been uncannily similar to a full-term pregnancy.  We have been on an emotional roller coaster here at neve / hawk headquarters and our emotions have run the wide gamut of excitement, disbelief, euphoria, nausea, panic, despair, elation and devotion to name a few. As a matter of fact, this “baby” is a bit overdue. And we are starting to feel uncomfortably pregnant – swollen ankles, fountains of tears, long grueling hours of labor and still nothing to show the world for it. So we have scheduled a delivery. Today, September 27, 2012, is the day that we will finally introduce our newest addition to the world-at-large. It seems only fitting that the debut collection of neve / hawk FW’12 will share a birthday with Bob – we are doubly blessed.

While the last few weeks have been anything but comfortable or easy, we believe every moment has value and we have learned so many lessons along the way. Our partnerships with sew shops in North Carolina and California set us apart from the majority of designers today who outsource manufacturing overseas. It is a sad reality that it is much more difficult from a cost perspective to have fabric manufactured and garments made within the United States, but there is a growing demand from buyers who believe in the power of their dollars to change our local and national economies. We hope that neve / hawk will resonate with those buyers. 

We are incredibly proud of our latest creation and cannot wait to introduce y’all. This baby of ours wouldn’t be here were it not for every one of you reading these words that believed in us, encouraged us, and kept us focused on the end goal along the way when the din of distractions grew loud and the stumbling blocks felt insurmountable at times. 

So, please, get yourself over to and make nice with the new baby. Share her with your friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Drop us a line and let us know what you think about her!  And, as wonderfully challenging as the past nine+ months have been, we know the real work is just beginning. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.


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Sep 26, 2013 • Posted by Rachel bognet

Is there any way to still buy pieces from the fall/winter 2012 collection? I’ve looked online but nothing really available stil :-(

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