Oh, hi there friends. We would love for you to read this message. 

Wow. This is an unprecedented time. Already. And, the scope is still unknown. We are thinking of you all.

In the Bay Area, we now have a shelter in place until April 7th (at least). So, we have shut our flagship store & coffee shop down during this time. Not only do we agree with this & want to protect the customers we love, but our employees as well. We are a small team, a family of sorts. And, everyone's health is most important.

But, at the same time, just like i want our employees healthy, I want their jobs secure. I want this brand to stay. 

So, we are are continuing with our online sales as this scary situation progresses and further unfolds. We are going to do our best to get the products from our physical location online as to bring our flagship digital and available for online ordering and delivery to all.

It feels so goddamn stupid to sell things right now. Honestly, it feels so silly and icky in a way. No one knows the landscape of what's to come and the entire effect this will have on all of our lives. People are worried about necessities, wondering how their basic needs will be met, figuring out whether to be with their kids or keep their job so they can cary on supporting their families. Sadly, this is a choice many are facing, and will have to make. Selling a marigold dress or a bralette to go under a jumper feels soulless and it is something I will wrestle with hourly. But, it is my work and I must keep that going for myself & our work family.

So, here we go.

If you purchase anything from our online shop, we are offering 20% off your entire order, hoping that you either save that money or donate it to someone in need. We will be donating 20% of every sale locally to those that need help during this time - for food, for childcare, or for basic needs that many will not have. We are going to put the money you've saved back into our community. 

The discount will be taken off automatically and that includes gift cards (see details in the gift card listing). So, you can buy online now and get more for less later in our store when we re-open for clothing or coffee or online as our gift cards never expire and can be used online as well.

We are thinking of every single person out there and hoping we can all come together and help those around us that will be hurting for a long time. We cannot thank you enough for your support now and always. We wouldn't be much at all without our community and our customers and we are so thankful and appreciative of your standing by us during this very difficult time. We wish you all health and happiness.

Shine some light. Breathe in the good. 


Kris Galmarini
& the neve & hawk team

be the helper. be the light. remember what you have.