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As many of you saw on my Instagram, I have been on a journey for the past year with an amazing friend, someone I really didn't know until this began. It has been a year of excitement, fear, hope, sadness and incredible amounts of love. Unfortunately, this journey did not end the way we all dreamt it would. I never imagined I would be here, two transfers in with no birth. I felt so strongly in my tiny role on this path, sure that a baby would be born, their baby in their arms. But here we are. And, although this outcome has made me question things at times, I know I am on this journey for a reason, perhaps even to be writing this now. 

Y'all, they are so good, just so incredibly good. 

So, here is a little something from Andrea. It is a lot for her (and me) to make all of this public. It was never her intention to be this transparent or mine to shout this to the world. But, we have seen the strength and beauty of social media and are hopeful that the interwebs will pull through and show Andrea & Tim its glory.  You can also see her face on her Instagram. Its a damn cute face. 


My life is full of “never did I ever.”...

Never did I ever think I would not be able to carry a child. Never did I ever guess I would ask a stranger to carry one for us. Never did I ever believe that after all of the wishing and praying and hope, it wouldn’t work. Never did I ever imagine that the aforementioned stranger would become a friend and that friend would help us search for a new "room" for our embryos.

Speaking of a new room, I thought a little classified would be sufficient in this quest. How else do you approach something like this?

 'Chicago couple looking for room (in a womb) to grow our baby. We have six beautifully frozen embryos living in San Francisco, ready to meet their match. (not all of them at once, of course, my god). If you live near the Bay Area or in Illinois ( or a surrogate friendly state and are willing to travel) and feel so inclined to help give us the gift of life, we would greatly appreciate it and will forever be indebted to you. We will also compensate. We know this is not a simple request but we also know that many couples grow their families through surrogacy and so we continue to have hope, lots and lots of hope.'

So, with a little humor and a lot of hope, we continue this journey...


Please email me at if interested or know someone who might be.

Thank you all for reading, sharing & searching



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