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Tory Jones - Ixchel Triangle

Last year, we here at neve / hawk started a blog that was near and dear to our hearts. It was a blog dedicated to the "movers and shakers" in this business, the people that make up the kid clothing world... production workers, designers, pattern makers, store owners. We called it Compose and it was lovely.

There are many people that play a hand in this little world we live in. Interviewing these individuals was so special and rewarding. But, to be honest, over time the ball was dropped due to the classic "I can do all but I really can't" scenario. I (this is Kris, BTW) always think I can handle more than I can, including keeping up on a regular basis with a blog while running neve / hawk and starting Creatures & Features. I just couldn't keep up with and had a ton of guilt and sadness around this, as this blog was more important to me in a way than my actual small companies. The people behind these brands, the individuals who make this world happen are so lovely and getting to know them filled my soul.

So, we have decided to bring back these interviews with no promises of when the next one will come. We will add organically, when it fits our schedule and when we meet someone or get to know someone who inspires us. There, I feel so much better.

I am beyond excited to write today on someone super special, Tory Jones of IXCHEL TRIANGLE



This is Tory. Yes, she is gorgeous. She is equally talented, strong, compassionate and driven. And, she is the face behind IXCHEL TRIANGLE, an incredible brand that works with artisans in Guatemala to bring you the most gorgeous pieces ever. Like, seriously, ever.

I "met" Tory through friend Stacie from Duchess & Lion. They grew up together in southern California (umm, hello ultimate talent friendship!) and Tory was a fan of our adult muumuus. I immediately took a peek at her amazing bags and goods and was hooked from the start. (My bag from Ixchel Triangle is my favorite bag of all time) From there, we became friends and my interest in her lovely company grew the more I learned. And the more I learned, the more I was floored. This lady is good. Good in all ways.

Recently, Tory went back to Guatemala where she took clothing, books and supplies with her for children in need. She does this often and we were lucky enough to be a part of it this past time.

I wanted to get more in depth with Tory about her company and talked with her recently about her brand:

Me: Ok, first. How to you pronounce Ixchel?

TJ: E-Shell. The "x" is silent.

Me: I know your grandmother moved to Guatemala when you were young and that this influenced you to start Ixchel Triangle. Can you tell me a little more about this?

TJ: My grandmother, Carole, moved to Guatemala when I was six. This opened up a different world to me, one that I felt completely at home in right from the beginning. She, as a person and the life she chose in Guatemala, had blessed me with many gifts including the love of travel, the love of people and a heart that beats to the rhythm of giving.

Me: Tell me about your commitment to working with ONLY local craftsman and artisans. What does this mean to us?

TJ: This is the center of every decision I make. I take pride in guaranteeing that every product is HANDMADE and personally knowing every artist we work with. I believe in supporting them and their rich history. I do not believe in raping a culture to make a buck and have committed to only working with local co-ops in Guatemala because of this. This guarantees a fair wage, good working conditions and total transparency on our part. This means our products are the highest quality but also more expensive. We make products customers can be proud to carry... proud because they are supporting the fair treatment, education and future of our talented artists. 

Me: Where do you see Ixchel Triangle in 5 years?

MJ: Thriving. Providing more work and opportunity for the amazing artisans we work with. Large enough to keep up with our growing demand, yet small enough to remember our purpose of supporting people, art and the culture of this company.

Me: Anything else you want to add? Anything else you want everyone to know?

MJ: Yes. We are the only company producing goods from Guatemala that has committed to only work with co-ops, not factories, only using handmade weavings, not machine made. We have every bag signed by the maker! We also fund the education of additional children in Guatemala. (side note: three kids Tory has helped educate will be graduating high school in November!)


As you can see, Tory and IXCHEL TRIANGLE are special beyond words. 


Find out more on Tory, her lovely company and her gorgeous items at:



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