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oh, hello there new website.

You know, I had "write a blog post" on my list of things to do for maybe a month. But, in good old Kris form, I just added other things to my list that were easier to cross off ( obviously to make it look like I was killing it). Now, my list is a bunch of lines through stupid tasks (drink a latte should not be on there)  and just "write a blog post" is left. Fail. 

But, here is the thing- we launch this new site in one hour. One hour until it goes live. This site, this new collection, marks something really special to us. It marks that we are still here, still alive and well, still living our dream. We are still creating, fighting the good fight in terms of doing what we love, in terms of ethically producing clothing, in terms of our FIGHT FOR CREATIVITY, in terms of our kids still being alive and happy. I mean, hotdog, this is what it is all about.

We are thrilled about what this year will bring with neve / hawk. Slowly, we are understanding the business more. Slowly, we are able to live our daily lives without tears of fear. (ok, so maybe that was just me.) Slowly, we are getting our name out there.

This past year we launched our exclusives line, REBIRTH, as well as a sister company, Creatures & Features. (side note: check it out if you have yet to do so. It is kind of rad) Sometimes I feel like we are standing still, going backwards even. And then, I look back and see our accomplishments and wonder how all of it happened. The growth of our line and the additions of REBIRTH and Creatures & Features are part of our dream and the dream continues to grow. You all have made this possible. You, God and Xanax. 

So, thanks for being here and we hope you follow along as we continue this journey. 


the Galmarini family


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