I THOUGHT I WAS ON HGTV, BUT I WASN'T. January 09 2014, 0 Comments

Happy 2014 all! My golly, 2014?! Whew. How awesome and awestruck I feel. Remember when 2014 felt like we would all be wearing spacesuits and eating with aliens? 


We are welcoming 2014 with open arms over here at our family. For one, I welcome any year, any day I am given. I mean, how awesome to even be alive, right? Also, I am so happy to view this year as another year I can grow as a person and a company. Man, we have a ton of learning and growing to do. And, I am choosing not to be afraid of these lessons. BRING IT, 2014. TEACH ME YOUR LESSONS, HELP ME GROW AND GUIDE ME TO BECOME A BETTER PERSON, A BETTER BUSINESS OWNER, A BETTER MOTHER, A BETTER WIFE. I WILL NOT VIEW MY SHORTCOMINGS AS FAILURES LIKE I HAVE IN THE PAST. I WILL NOT BEAT MYSELF UP OVER THEM. I WILL TAKE THEM AND MAKE MYSELF BETTER. (Please remind me that I said this in a few months as I sob into a pillow, ok?)


And on top of this, I am excited to post more and let you all into our little lives. I get a handful of emails a month regarding our family, our day to day. What does it look like? Well, I am going to let y'all see more of us, share some recipes (I only have 3), some family activities, some projects...


Which brings me to the little project I did for my husband at Christmas-- A side yard patio make-over, part 1. It is part 1 because it is cold and not the time to plant anything. So, it still needs a TON of work. And, I didn't get many BEFORE shots. Rats.

When we rented the house, everything was covered and overgrown. Our home is TINY (not even 1000 sq ft) so we knew we eventually wanted to work hard in the yard to add another living area (the beauty of Cali- outside living), thinking we would begin in the Spring. Then, while laying in bed, I had this amazing idea. I WAS GOING TO SURPRISE BOB WITH A YARD MAKEOVER WHILE HE WAS AT WORK THE MONDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS! HE WAS GOING TO COME HOME AT NIGHT AND IT WAS GOING TO BE PERFECT!

Here is what I set out to do: clear the whole yard, build a table, scour Craigslist for the perfect furniture, hang lights and lanterns, build a teepee, build a coffee table, hang outdoor art.

I was basically, in my head, going to be on HGTV and surprise my man with a complete overhaul... with just me, and 2 kids at my feet... because I always think I can do everything. And then I realize I can't. At least this came to me fast. I called the best handyman ever, Gregg, to come help me. And, although we didn't get everything completed that I was hoping, we did a pretty kick ass job.


Here is what I actually got finished:


  1.  Sanded down and coated an old door to use as an outside table and built benches for each side. The old door was actually laying on the side of our house. I asked our landlord if I could snag it and then went to work. I wanted to leave it white but get some of the under color to come through. I also wanted to leave the old handle and plate. The handle didn't work, but the plate did and I love the result.
  2. Built a custom coffee table with an old bathroom sink as a planter. *this was my favorite part*. If you haven't gotten the vibe, Bob and I are a little quirky and like to keep things that way. I had this great idea of making a table into a planter with a vintage bathroom sink. I headed to our second hand yard (The Aways Station in Fairfax, CA) and picked out a delightful vintage yellow porcelain sink to be centerpiece of the table. Originally, I bought a table there as well to cut a whole into. But, after we spray painted it, I wasn't happy with the result. It was too tall and there there wasn't enough space. I wanted this table to be able to wear many hats-- a cool planter, a place to sit, a coffee table. I wanted the lines clean and the table low as to not overtake the rest of the space. I got more lumber and drew what I wanted for Gregg. complete with measurements. The man did the rest. It is fantastic and really fun.
  3. Bought the PERFECT rattan set on Craigslist for a STEAL. Man, I am in LOVE with this set. Originally, it had 3 pieces. But, it was too much for our space so I was able to get them to separate it for me and lower the cost significantly. The lines are just gorgeous. I then ordered some of my favorite blankets off Agate Mermaid and used them to cover the furniture. Finally, I took some of my fur fabric i have lying around and made some accent throws. I love to mix fabrics and this combination really does it for me. 
  4. Hung industrial string lights over both spaces. I mean, I backyard isn't complete without some string lights. I found a great all weather set on Amazon. They can withstand anything. 
  5. Bought and hung lanterns in our large tree. This was kind of the icing on the cake. When lit, it really sets the tone of the whole yard. Great addition.
  6. Cleared the yard-- which means I uncovered its original state. It was beyond overgrown... had to rake for over 6 hours and clear the bricks, etc. I also cut back weeds and tore down some trees. That is the not fun work. But, it needed to be done. 
  7. Oh, I almost forgot-- we fought off bad guys. The only thing that would keep little man (Robin Hood) occupied. Added a good couple hours onto the work day but as most of you know, so is the life of a parent.


And here are the pictures!! Enjoy!!













I am just going to be honest, I am completely in love with our HAMPTON SWEATER.


I am sure you may be thinking " Don't you love everything you do?" Well, no and yes. I like it all very much, of course, but I really connect with only a few pieces each season. And, well, our Hampton Sweater  is one of the garments that has a piece of my soul. Since the beginning of its conception, I have been giddy as a school girl over this design and its possibilities. We here at neve/ hawk love creating pieces that can be worn many ways.  In fact,   n / h was actually started based on this simple principle. Versatility in a garment adds to its life span & its wearability. It also harbors creativity by allowing the person wearing the garment to choose it's daily design. (or the parent of the person wearing the garment :-))  Some of our skirts turn to dresses, some sweaters are reversible...





Below are 5 different ways you can tie this sweater. Keep in mind that the bottom ribbon is encased, allowing you to decide the overall fit of the sweater by either cinching it for a more blousy effect or leaving it loose for a more relaxed look:












THE GLORIOUS JUMBLE is created by tying together the opposite CONTRAST ribbons. So, the dark chambray print is tied to the stripe denim slub on the opposite side of the sweater. Because the contrast ribbons are diagonal from each other, this option cinches the center a tad, creating a really funky look. I prefer this option with the bottom encased tie pulled tighter to add to the blousy/cinchy/funky style. Because I like chaos and tend to like a more unconventional look, I love this one.




          #2---THE CENTER BOW



THE CENTER BOW is the most proper of the bunch :-) (And, the easiest!). Simply tie the like ribbons together from the opposite side. You can choose how large you like your bows. I personally like them rather big, with only an inch or two or ribbon left at the end. As with THE GLORIOUS JUMBLE, I prefer this style to have the bottom ribbon tied tight. This style looks great with a plain legging.




       #3---THE OPEN KNOT



THE OPEN KNOT is achieved by tying each ribbon into a knot, even the bottom encased ribbon. The hardest part with this style is tying them in a manner that allows them to lay flat against the garment as opposed to sticking out. I do this by making sure I tie the knot from the angle in which I want it to lay (sounds a little harder than it is). We prefer this style with some jeans and a t-shirt, and a rolled sleeve is a must :-)







THE LOOSE SIDE TIE is just that-- tying the ties on the same side together, either closer to the top ties OR the bottom, creating a new "line" in the garment with the ribbon being pulled down (or up) but not cinched. This style works well with the bottom ribbon either cinched or relaxed. We wear our Hampton Sweater this way with overalls quite a bit. It allows you to see what is underneath with kind of a careless feel. 







THE SAME SIDE CINCH is the most popular way to wear our Hampton Sweater. To get this look, you simply unite the same side ties, pulling tight when doing so. We have played around with letting the ribbon hang longer, but always come back to the bow. You can control how cinched you want the sides of the sweater but I suggest pulling as snug as you can without hurting the garment. It really creates a fun, more fitting vibe. Roll the sleeves and your child is ready to go! This option goes with just about anything but looks really swell with a dress due to its more fitting shape. 



How fun is this sweater?! The best part is that your child can wear it for many seasons! With rolling the sleeves and cinching the waist, this garment can be worn many times over! 


***We would LOVE to see how you wear your HAMPTON SWEATER! Email us pictures for us to post!!***


Oh, and SURPRISE!! Use code 'HAMPTON' when checking out and you get 25% off!! HOLLA!!














The 70 and SLC.. June 26 2013, 1 Comment

At the very last minute, we decided to take the 70 through the Rockies as opposed to going north through Wyoming and over. Originally, we didn't think our poor minivan would make it pulling the U-Haul through this area. But, we were assured by locals that it would-- we just would be going REALLY REALLY SLOW. 


They weren't kidding. 


We were inching along. Good thing it was so unbelievably gorgeous that we didn't mind. Well, WE didn't mind. The kids, however, got restless and cranky. Telling them to look at the beautiful scenery worked for maybe .3 seconds. Way to ruin my views, kids. Just kidding, we turned up the music to tune them out and still enjoyed everything. 


The drive through Colorado and into Utah was the best part of the this trek. I had done it before but I was young and my memory did not hold the raw beauty of our country. Either that or I did not comprehend it at the time. Whatever. I did now and was blown away. 


Our first stop was Frisco, CO. Gorgeous little town near Breckenridge. 




It was perfect if you still tuned out our children. Dear God. But, soon the kids had food in them and were getting back to their abnormal happy selves. This was 5 minutes after they starting eating. Complete opposite of the short time before.



We lazily ate our french fries and then packed back into the car for the rest of the Colorado ride.. ALL of it gorgeous... and too many things to write about.. So, Ill skip to Utah---


We entered Utah the next day. Our original plan was to get to SLC as fast as we could to spend the day there. As we were approaching the exit to Moab, however, we decided to detour and head to Arches National Park. Well, that's not entirely true. I was begging Bob for some time and he finally agreed. The best decision of our trip.


How in the world do you not stand here and realize your place in this universe?



It was like a mix of being on Mars and being in Sedona. All Neve wanted to do was "hike with her hands". I have no idea why this annoyed me so much. Just freaking walk. But, we found a trail where she could climb and run like a wild animal for a good while. (NOTE: Running like a wild animal does not mean running fast or being crazy. It truly means to run on all fours like an actual wild animal.) She lives for it. Our friends in Charleston got used to this. One of my biggest worries when moving to San Francisco was having to explain this all over to new people. I imagine my conversations being something like this:

No, she thinks she IS an animal. Yes, her hands are in paw form during this. That's right, no thumbs. Right.. she can not hold anything when she is in this mode. No, it does not hurt her hands. Yes, she does this a lot.


So, now you can imagine her excitement during the above time... *notice her paws*


She stopped long enough for us to take our 2013 family photo:



*I have worn those black harem pants for 14 days straight. Actually, today I am wearing them in olive. Bob wants to burn them. Also- my kids ARE wearing matching tank tops. This goes against my being. But, it happened and my sister is very happy about this*


So, after galloping and roaring, climbing and sliding, we got in the car to explore more, realized we were almost out of gas and had to leave. 




This put us into Salt Lake City around dinner. HELLO, SLC IS GORGEOUS. AND A LOT BIGGER THAN I IMAGINED.


We were almost to downtown when Hawk awoke from his sleep and yelled out: "SALT LAKE CITY AMBUSH!!"


I tried to explain that we were going to get downtown and pull a name. But, he said to pull over and do it then. So, we did. Because, OBVIOUSLY, he wears the pants in this family. 


Good thing we did! The name we picked was back the other way 22 miles. Oops.


We made a Uey (how do you spell that?) and went to go surprise our last family. Sadness truly did come over me. These ambushes have been incredible. We pulled into their neighborhood, parked on a side road for undercover assurance and hopped out to do the surprise.


Hawk: they home? i have sword. i hot. they home? surprise? where are they? papa, look at my sword.



He was ready. Ready to make the last ambush awesome.


We marched to the house, kids riding their bikes and playing all around us. It was like Mayberry. (What really does that mean?)


Hawk: i ring bell. nebie (neve) go wit me? surprise? where are they? papa, look at my sword.


  This is when the door opened.. Hooray!! They are home!! The little man was super confused/scared/mysterious.


Soon, this dudes mama came to the door. SURPRISE DARLA ROZEMA OCHOA!!!


Darla is the mama of three of the cutest, most well behaved boys ever. She is a semi new fan and WAS SUPER DUPER cool!! It also turns out that she is a photographer. See! Once again, we got to meet the coolest people. Here is herFACEBOOK PAGE. She also wrote a blog on our ambush that you canfind here.  

I love that we got to ambush all boys. 


We talked for a good while about life, business and kids. It was a blast. Hawk even left with a new Batman figure.. mostly because they were sweet enough to offer it to him but also because he had a death grip on it.




After saying our goodbyes and we headed out. All of us were overcome with emotion of our last ambush. HOW FREAKING AWESOME WAS THIS HAUL ACROSS AMERICA?


Totally awesome, declared Hawk, because it was my idea.


This was our excitement:


*What is Neve doing here?*


We headed to downtown SLC. This time, we were meeting up with a friend of mine.. a friend solely on the internet until this point. Some of you have probably heard of her or know about her.. it is the FABULOUS Angie Monson. Angie is a well-known photographer as well as a mama to 3 cute kids and a home remodeler at the moment (She and her husband just bought a home in Sugarhouse that they completely gutted.) Here is herwebsiteandInstagram.



We grabbed ice cream, cones and plastic silverware and headed to their new home for an ice cream party in their new front yard.. well, the front yard of their soon to be home after they redo the whole thing. It was a perfect place to let the kids run free. PERFECT.


It was like we knew each other for a long time... I mean, she may or may not be one of my soul sisters. Here is the group photo to prove the awesomeness of this visit:



*Again, what is Neve doing here?*




And, when it got to be about 9, we headed out.. driving for as long as we could stay awake, knowing the next day we would be in our new place. 


I won't bore you all with the details of the last part of the trip:  How I almost fell asleep at the wheel but had to wait 45 more miles because there is NOTHING in Nevada, how we stayed at an incredibly sketchy Motel 6 where I swear there was some sort of shadiness going on in the room below us, how Neve was so excited because she had never stayed at a place where the steps were on the outside of the building (I love kids), how we woke up, giddy with excitement about only having 7.5 hours to go, how Lake Tahoe was breathtaking or how after days of the kids being awake at most times we entered our new town with both of them asleep at 5 pm, how we had to cart a U-Haul of items up these stairs to our new place.. *and by we I mean not me.*

No, I won't get into that. 


But, we are "home" and we are loving it so far. The mountains, the redwoods, the mist. 


And we truly thank you for following us, our journey, our HAUL ACROSS AMERICA.

It was a blast. It was raw for us and we loved sharing it with you. 


Hawk: thank you. i at new house? treehouse? wheres my old house? i at new house? 







The Rockies Rocked My World June 22 2013, 2 Comments

After our Kansas City ambush, we drove to Burlington CO to spend the night. We were originally going to spend 2 days in Denver to take a break and regroup. Because we could no longer do this due to making up time lost in the beginning of the trip, we woke up early the next day to arrive in Denver as early as possible and enjoy a full 24 hours of relaxation.


 We fell in love with Denver.


First of all, rented the cutest little space near City Park. Thank you AirBnB! (If you have never used AirBnB, you must. We now use it for most of our traveling and have never had a bad experience). The space was perfect- we could walk to everything, had an outside area with a swing and sandbox for the kids AND we were able to wash all of our dirty clothes from the past week. Heavenly in my book.


 What made being in Denver even sweeter was the fact that my dear friend from growing up lives there with her cute husband. I wouldn’t even say friend. I would say family. Our mamas were part of the same group of friends and as kids our families did many things together. I refer to her parents as "aunt" and "uncle" and their presence was a major part of my childhood. So,as you can imagine,being able to spend time together was just plain awesome- catching up on each other’s lives... picking up where we left off. Yep, fabulous.


This is Jenny. 





This is our whole group with Jenny's cute husband, Nick.


They are awesome, folks. If you live in Denver and see them, give them a high five.


The rest of the time was spent in City Park.. Neve burning off her energy via riding her bike while we strolled next to her...Hawk asleep in the stroller. Magical. You know what is even more magical? Your kids not in bed with you.


Christmas, I tell you, Christmas.



We woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the day... Hawk was once again super excited about our ambush. Denver had the most names in the hat.. 16 total. Thank you, Denver! Slowly and carefully, he wrote the names on paper, put them in a hat and had Neve pick one. *you all know I am kidding right? I mean, the dude is 2. *

We picked a name, mapquested the address, and went on our merry way.


 Hawk: i go. say surprise. they home? i wear my lion nose? where is my sword mama? i have cape?


We show up to the most precious neighborhood and hid the uhaul down the street. Hawk jumped out of the car, Neve not far behind. They marched up to the door and rang the bell, their anticipation electric.



And, once again, no one was home.


mama, i sad. no one home. where are they? i have cape? where are they?


*I mean, what did we expect? People to be home at all hours? Clearly we did not think this all the way through*



So, we left a little sweet surprise on their porch- the porch of fan Amy Asper. Congrats Amy! Your dog sounded cute from the porch! When we were leaving, Hawk had another brilliant idea.

we had so many entries, mama. why don’t we pick another name and try again..


Ummmm, ok.



So we gathered the names again and picked a new one, mapquested the address and went on our merry way.


We showed up in a completely different and equally charming part of Denver. Hawk and Neve flew out of the car again..


Hawk: another house, mama? surprise mama? i do it. i have cape? surprise mama?


Knock. Knock. Knock.





 We were at the home of Maia Chavez Larkin! How awesome Maia is! Her gorgeous little girl, Q, was at camp so Neve was bummed but we had an awesome time getting to know each other. Maia was only recently introduced to our brand during our Haul by a mutual friend. (A fabulous mutual friend- thanks Julie Martin!) As it turns out, she is an illustrator and all around creative herself. AND, she ended up ambushing us with some incredible goodies -- I MEAN, INCREDIBLE. Take a look at this doll handmade and illustrated by her:



Neve named her Stella. Stella is already sick of the car.



That is what I love about this trip-- meeting awesome people along the way and learning about their lives, what they do, what they love. This world is full of interesting, lovely humans. How cute is she?:




And then we hopped in the car again and were on our way... next stop: Salt Lake City.


PS- after losing this blog once and Hawk just waking up screaming after it was rewritten and almost done, I apologize for any grammatical errors. 

Had to leave Missouri behind.. June 18 2013, 0 Comments

Because of our car problems, we had to skip Missouri on Hawk's Haul Across America. 




I can tell you, however, that your arch was gorgeous at night and that your flat roads made for some great sleep in the car. We did see the Missouri side of Kansas City as well... which looked totally cool from the interstate. 




I was actually extra bummed because a dear friend of mine when living in Los Angeles lives in St. Louis. But, it would have put us another day behind.. ugh, life stinks sometimes. 


But, we got to Kansas refreshed and ready to do some serious ambushing. We had 8 finalists in the KC area.. most of them in the Overland Park area. And, sure enough, the name we picked was from Overland Park. And some of you might know her:


Sarah Blevins.


Sarah owns, an online blog that keeps you up to date on great brands and sales taking place on your favorite items. I learned that some of our fans are Facebook fans of hers as well, that is how she heard of Hawk's Haul Across America! Small world!


We pulled up to her neighborhood totally pumped (half pumped for the ambush and half pumped just to get out of the car)--Hawk practically unbuckled himself to run to the house. Neve was not far behind.


She caught up long enough for us to take this picture:


As we turned the corner to run to the door, Sarah and her son came running out of the house to check on daughter Abby who was with a neighbor across the street. So it was a surprise for all of us!! Neve ran over to give Abby her new Waterway Maxi Dress in coal and Hawk halfway handed Jake some Fripp Island Fisherman Pants in black. Soon, however, the clothes were dropped in the grass and some serious playing occured.

Here was Hawk's take on the few minutes:

nevie, i say surprise. no nevie go away. i do it. I DO IT! ...SURPRISE! ...mama, these pants? mama, who this? mama, i play? 



It was so nice to meet you Sarah!!!



With Sarah's recommendation, we followed this awesome Kansas City ambush with a trip to Deanna Rose's Children's Farmstead


Ummm.. we fed baby goats. That is all I have to say about that place. Unfreakingbelievable.




*Excuse my whole person. I hadn't showered in a while and I was wearing that outfit for a few days. The goats loved me because they thought I was their own.*





After bottle feeding goats, eating baked lays, getting ice cream and sifting for gold, we were off again.. on our way to Denver.


Oh Sweet Nashville... June 17 2013, 0 Comments

Oh Nashville, how we needed you so.


We pulled up to our hotel the night before last night it felt like we were entering a castle compared to the journey thus far.


Oh Sheraton, how I love you.


As an added bonus, Bob and I got to hit the town 15 minutes after we arrived. You see, Bob’s sweet mom is on this cross country adventure with us and she insisted we head out on the town to spend some time together. Umm, ok! No convincing necessary! We arrived to the hotel at 8:30 and were changed, freshened up and out the door by 9.

Initially, our plan was to head to Germantown to a restaurant called Rolf and Daughters because we heard it was amazing. But, mid cab ride, we decided to head downtown to the hustle and bustle since we didn’t know when we would be in Nashville again and wanted to experience the whole of what Nashville is. J

Wow—I don’t think I have seen that many people on the streets in a long time.


It. Was. Bumping.


We quickly took it all in and then headed to Etch, an incredible restaurant just outside the craziness.

*Special note: I ate THE BEST CAULIFLOWER OF MY LIFE. I wanted to live in it--to breath and bathe in it. *

Dinner was the first time we got to slow down in quite some time. It was delightful just sitting back, talking about our journey and enjoying each other with the stresses of moving not around. 


I love this man....



Man, that dinner was good. But, we are losers and our 10 pm dinner made us sleepy. So, what we thought would be a big night on the town turned into dinner and another walk in the craziness and then the cab ride back to the hotel and our sorry buckets In bed by midnight. We did listen to some fantastic fiddling for 3 minutes and took a picture of these creepsters:



So all in all, it was a great night!


The next morning Hawk woke up at the crack of dawn (those of you that know us know that our kids like to see the sun rise…. Why, Lord? WHY?)

I wanted to roll over and pretend I didn’t hear him (I am incredibly talented in this department) But, then I realized it was Father’s Day.




So, I put a bra on, grabbed my debit card and a diaper and took little man downstairs to what he called' The Shiny Palace'. (really, it looks like a palace). Between the shiny floor entry way and the courtyard, we killed 2 hours. We even got a breakfast buffet to go and sat outside.. a killer time for all at 6 am.

It was during this half-awake bonding experience that Hawk demanded another ambush. Maybe it was lack of good conversation? But anyway, he was very adamant about it.

Okay, okay dude. Simmer.

We picked a name again out of a hat and were extra pumped because this person drew us an awesome picture to lure us to her home on Instagram as well as a sweet message on Facebook. We packed the car and headed her way.


Hawk was SO UNBELIEVABLY PUMPED that I turned around to get him out of the car and found him like this:



For the love, little man. You demanded this.

Have no fear, we called in our back up.  (Hawk would have been totally mad with her taking his lead) And she was taking it incredibly seriously.


The girl marched up to the door and knocked like her life depended on it.


AND… no one.


Not home again. But, they left the incredible drawing  on the porch in hopes of the ambush. How great, right? And to top if off, her lovely neighbor caught us and yelled: “Are you neve & hawk? She was so hoping you would come.. she is going to go crazy!”.


Who is she? She is fan Lillian Willis Boeskook with three kids... 8, 7 and 5.  


CONGRATS LILLIAN! We are so incredibly sad to miss you all!


Her neighbor was as lovely as could be and we got to leave her with something as well. Fun Fun Fun!!! An ambush from an ambush. Holla. *high fives all around*


We departed and went on our way, enjoying Nashville and making some people happy in the streets with random giveaways. (We really stopped people and gave away items) I am sure all of these people thought we were nuts. Some I knew did so I didn’t take any pictures as to not let myself look any more suspect.

 I did, however, capture this cute family after we stopped them!







* Our Kansas City ambush will be posted soon!*



And the Winners Are... June 17 2013, 1 Comment


We fell a day behind, but here are the daily Instagram winners and another Facebook winner for the past 2 days!














It's that easy, people! Keep sharing our journey and you could win too!!



OH DEAR GOODNESS... June 16 2013, 2 Comments

You know how I said there was more to the story yesterday? Well, that is because directly after we picked up our car from getting new hoses we then grabbed our trailer and headed to Starbucks to grab some coffees for the road. 


Wait: I MUST set the mood by painting the picture of us being giddy and happy—having just fixed a problem that delayed us a day combined with coming off a glorious hike and frolicking in a stream.


This is Hawk confused but excited over us being in a stream and not on the road:





It makes this even funnier:




 Yes, you are seeing that correctly. As we pulled through the drive-thru, our trailer game unhitched AGAIN. 



In the middle of the drive- thru. At Starbucks. With a line of uncaffinated people behind us.



But much like the other times, someone came to our rescue. This time, it was an incredibly nice guy from Oklahoma who was also passing through Tennessee. He informed us that the ball of the hitch was loose and he fixed it. He also helped reconnect everything and get us on our way. 


During this time I became friends with his 6 year-old daughter, Katelyn. (This took a good 10-15 minutes. That is a long time of holding up a drive-thru)  She was awesome and was unfazed by what was going on around her. (as were our kids because He-Man was on in the car).


This is Katelyn:



We became friends and talked for a bit. I left her with a red angel wing tshirt, saying her dad was like our 100th angel. She didn’t understand but I made her take it anyway. She likes red. That was all that mattered.


And, soon, we were on our way AGAIN...


Until we couldn’t get the uhaul around the turn of the drive-thru.


No joke. We could not maneuver the vehicle through to get our coffees. HUMILIATING. It was most definitely the drive-thru's fault. 


Wait- Mr. Oklahoma's back to help! And Voila! We are on the road! Truly on the road!


 And, that’s the rest of the story… for now.




Sleep tight!




So we got to Knoxville the first night and woke up the next day to do our 2nd ambush. We had 3 finalists names in a hat (well, in a toy that acted as a hat) and picked:


Danielle Taylor and daughter Ainsley!


 Hawk was excited as he lead us to her house. He even decided to sport his lion nose for the occasion... tip toeing up to the door for the big surprise:




Here is Hawk's take on ambush #2:


i ran to door. like my lion nose? that funny. i reach doorbell. are they home? they are here! surprise! what you doing? mama, what we doing? want a dress? hello. that was fun.




Ainsley received the Dewees Reversible Dress and has already worn it out as I hear. Hooray!

What an awesome family they are! She, as it turns out, is a fellow West Virginian. If any of you are from West Virginia you know that this means we already have a strong bond. West Virginians have an incredible loyalty to their state, whether they live there or not. We got to hang out for a minute and visit and realized our circles cross in more than a few ways.


LOOK AT HOW PRECIOUS THIS FAMILY IS (and papa and hawk too):


Congrats Danielle and Ainsley!!
After that, we were off on the road again... for about 3 minutes when we smelled something we knew not to be good in our car. We quickly went to the gas station and soon found out that our coolant was low. Cool, no big deal... quick fill and we were on our way... 
For about 30 minutes...
Yep, that's right. Our car was overheating again and when we got to the nearest town, opened the hood and saw that they coolant we just put in was gone we knew it wasn't great. 
Bob headed to Penzoil while I strapped Shepard in the stroller and got Neve's scooter out. We all headed to IHOP for some nutritious meal eating. Penzoil sent Bob to Firestone who sent Bob to Dodge. Finally, we found the part and the nice people of Dodge in Cookeville, TN fixed it for us AND gave us a loaner car while we waited. 
And you know what? 
When life hands you lemons, you find nature and wait for your hoses to be changed in your car:
It was simply magical... hiking about a mile and then exploring the stream and waterfalls. Tennessee is GORGEOUS. Reminded me of home and it was exactly what we needed. How is God so good?
By the time we hiked back up and got back in the car we got a call saying our van was ready...
And then we hooked everything back up and headed to our next stop: Nashville. 
Well, kind of...  
(more on that later because it is too funny and too long to post here.)
BUT, WE ARE READY FOR A GREAT DAY TODAY--- exploring Nashville and maybe even exploring your house? (haha)
Our instagram winner from yesterday will be announced later today. 
*Oh, and happy father's day. Thank you, papas. You all rock. Ours definitely does*

LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED! June 15 2013, 2 Comments

We had a blast yesterday with our first ambush of the trip! We went to the home of fan Tarah Carpenter of Goose Creek, SC and let me tell you-- HAWK. WAS. PUMPED.  


Here is his take on what happened:


I go to the home. mama help me ring bell. where are they? handy manny on my shirt? where are they? you give them pants mama? put in mailbox? i do it myself.


That's right.. our first ambush and no one was home. But, it was still a blast and Tarah saw her house posted on Facebook!! What a shock while sitting at the hair dressers. Sorry we missed you Tarah!


We are at it again today in the Knoxville and Nashville areas!!! 






We also had our first Instagram and Facebook winners for sharing our journey!! Holla!


Congrats to the following for winning a $50 gift card each to our online store! It was that easy- just share folks!!



Onward and outward. Hawk is ready to go...

AND WE ARE OFF... sort of. June 14 2013, 1 Comment

Let me try to describe to you our departure from Charleston:


HOW I IMAGINED OUR LAST DAYS: U-haul packed, sun shining, hanging out with friends, saying goodbyes without anxiety, enjoying our family the last hours, sipping wine and dancing.

REALITY: Things just falling out of every crevice of our home, stuff everywhere, packing for hours and it looking like no headway was made, 10,000 trips to the dumpster so our neighbors wouldn't curse us for months, kids bored out of their mind, my emotions all over the place, people stopping by to say bye and not being able to concentrate because I was worried about packing and getting out, reckless giving away of our lives, our kids not getting to say goodbye to our home because they were so bored they went to my sisters and we didn't think of it until they were gone. 


Have any of you been here before? I swear it was like I was pregnant. I can't even describe to you my mood swings-- I would feel exhaustion, excitement, sadness, happiness and grouchiness-- FULLY feel all of these things in a 2 minute span. I have no idea what was going on and I apologize to anyone who was lucky enough to be there to experience it. 




But, we did it. 







That's right. This is it. Our WHOLE lives in this trailer. Everything else is gone. 




(Well, now it is that it is done.)


We completed this task last night around 11. We thought we would be on the road around 4 and make our first ambush in Charleston. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Am I on drugs? I always think I can do things faster and better than I can. When will I learn?


So, imagine our emotions when we finally finished, navigated our minivan to back up just right so the hitch would match up perfectly to the trailer, hooked everything up and started to pull away from our home.. the place we started our family, truly became a part of the community and started a business. Tears were flowing while smiling for what is to come.






Well, you can't actually see.. BUT, our U-Haul came unhitched, pulled away from the car and tore the electrical apart in the process. Our house is right behind us in the picture... literally 100 feet away. 


All I could do was laugh. Another extreme emotional swing---I laughed hysterically as Bob stepped out to assess the situation. 


And then you know what happened? A man in a huge white truck stopped. At first I thought he might kill us because I watch too many CSI shows and/or read CNN fanatically. But, it turns out that he is just a really nice guy who wanted to help. (There are still those people out there? Yes, there are... contrary to what CNN tells you). It was almost like God sent him because knew almost everything about what was going. A common problem, he said. Bob was relived to hear that. The good samaritan even cut new electrical and rewired the lights. Who is this guy? And then, he re-hooked everything up and sent us on our way. We had no cash on us and he had no kids (I offered him clothes and even a GIANT stuffed mickey mouse...) I did get his name, though-- Stephen Loadholt. 




And so, at midnight we departed. We drove 30 minutes north to Summerville and spent the night at my sister's house. And, since Bob works today (he was going to work out of a coffee shop in Asheville if things went how we planned) we had to stay at my sisters for him to get work done and are leaving officially in the next few hours.. perfect beginning if you ask me.






Have you shared? Have you entered? We are headed near Asheville today and to Nashville tomorrow. Will we ambush you? 








So, TODAY we leave for our journey....and NOW is the time to enter so we can AMBUSH YOU!!




  • Asheville, NC
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'Till next update....

HAWK's Haul Across America June 07 2013, 10 Comments

We are headed across America and wanted to do something fabulous along the way. After many family discussions, Hawk (well, his real name is Shepard Hawk but let's just refer to him as Hawk to ease confusion) came up with the most fun, brilliant idea ever!


This is how HAWK'S HAUL ACROSS AMERICA came to be:


Hawk: I want to lead this journey, mama, and ambush fans across America.

Me: What do you mean, ambush?

Hawk: You know, show up at some lucky fans' homes with free neve / hawk gear, stop people on the street with some goodies and give out coupon codes to others along the way!

Me: Hmmm.. what about those fans not on our route?

Hawk: They could win free clothes too!-- by spreading the word about our journey via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Me: Exactly how is this going to work?

Hawk: It's easy! To enter, they will comment on our Facebook page with their town on our route and their favorite item in our shop! Someone not on our route could even enter for a friend that is on/ near our route! What a good friend that would be!

Neve: Great idea but I think I should lead this

Hawk: You always get the limelight, Neve, its my turn.. 



 And, that was that... Hawk demanded to put this together.


And so, we announce:




That's right-- we are letting this guy take charge:






 But, we are really excited! Yahoo!!!





So, in one week from tomorrow we leave for our journey....and NOW is the time to enter so we can AMBUSH YOU!!




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OR: (Best option not on route)

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 Be going about your day in one of these towns and maybe we will ambush you on the street!


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I mean, who wouldn't want to be ambushed by a 2 year old wearing a lion nose?


Ready, Set, GO!!





Our Big News May 01 2013, 8 Comments

I have been wanting to write this blog post for a little while now. Maybe I haven't because I didn't know what to say. Or, maybe I was in disbelief that it was really happening. Or, maybe it is because I feel so unbelievably loyal to this lovely city we call home...

this lovely city we get to call home for 6 more weeks...

That's right. Our family, neve / hawk is moving from Charleston SC to San Francisco CA. 

We never thought about moving. Well, that is actually a fib. I ALWAYS dream about touring the world... there is so much to see, so much to do!! But, since arriving in 2004, we fell in love with this town, its people, its charm. Our life is beautifully simple here... Bob's office is literally 3 blocks from our neve / hawk studio, he loves his job and works for close friends, our house is 5 miles from our work (and 5 miles means literally 5-10 minutes in this town!), we are 10 miles from the ocean, a bike ride away from Shepard's montessori school, close to Bob's brother AND my sister and Neve's bus literally drops her off in front of our house. I mean, come on!! Our lives are DREAMY. 

To top it off, Charleston is magical, completely nurturing of ones creative endeavors. And I know, for fact, that neve / hawk would not have started or flourished in this way if it weren't for Charleston. 

So, it was a huge surprise when my dear husband (and other half of neve / hawk) was "romanced" by another company headquartered in San Francisco. At first, we were both hesitant to even look into it. What? Rock this beautiful life? 

But, they offered to fly us out and you know what? We needed the vacation. :-) And, Bob needed to see what was being offered. And, I needed a cup of Blue Bottle coffee. 

So, we went. 

The trip didn't start off too well. We landed and got to our hotel. It wasn't until we went to pull out our phones for the confirmation # we realized that we BOTH had left our cell phones in the cab. In a random cab in San Francisco. Really? Both of us? (We got them back after I remembered the cab company name from being a street name by my college, called them and went through all their drivers to track the phones down). Ugh. Was this a sign?

The next day, we woke up at the crack of dawn due to the time change and went on a long run together, soaking in the city streets. We then grabbed our Blue Bottle and Bob headed to his meetings. My plan was to go look at areas that may work for our family to live. I had 2 days to decide if this would even be a good move for our family, job aside.. company aside. So I headed out and over the Golden Gate to Marin County... And, you will never believe what happened--

I got in a car accident. 

Not joking. 

And, not wanting to worry Bob or interrupt him during his meetings, I didn't call him. I spent 3 hours with the police and a little con artist lady who was trying to act hurt when she was driving with no license and talking on her cell phone. Yes, this IS a sign. GO HOME NOW GALMARINIS.

Bob called me after his meetings, wondering where I was. WIth his first word I knew...he was excited. He sounded so happy. I could tell with one word. HE LOVED IT . And, my heart sank and was happy at the same time. He deserved this. He deserved this excitement, this recognition. I mean, the man has skills. But, this wasn't my plan. And, he was happy where he was...

Kris, snap out of it. You will not be this wife. Shut your mouth. Who have you become? 6 years ago and you would be on cloud 9!

I met him and some others from the company for dinner after I drove the car back to the hotel going 20 miles an hour. I was a little frazzled and incredibly confused because I didn't get to explore anything besides the bumper of someone else's car.  But, dinner ended up being perfection. Wow, these people are wonderful.  They even smiled as I grilled them about the quality of life, the work life, how this would affect our family. (Yes, I did shoot a million questions to Bob's would be boss if he was officially offered/accepted the job).

And you know what? THEY BROUGHT UP neve / hawk!  They brought up how they have followed our little line, how one of the appeals of Bob was his passion for other endeavors, how they support neve / hawk 100%.  And, the clincher, how they could accommodate his schedule to allow him to be more a part of OUR company. 

And, it was right there at dinner that I saw a stress that has been over us for the past year start to melt away...a stress that we push away, causing more stress... The anxiety of shuffling the kids when I travel like a mad woman to Los Angeles every other month production, fabric, etc. The stress of Bob feeling a disconnect from our company due to not being able to make those trips with me. The stress of him not ever really sleeping so he can help with the business when he gets home from work. Just, the stress of it all.

It was right there that it hit me that we would be 5 hours from most of our production and not 3,000 miles, that Bob could travel with me to some of the meetings, to pick fabric, to shows. That Bob could see the process of neve / hawk in its entirety as well as have a job he loves. That Bob can have both. And that this, in itself, is EXACTLY what needed to happen for us to grow in the manner we desire.


Hold up Kris. He hasn't even officially been offered the job. And, you haven't even started looking for a place.

Oh, right.

The next day, we got another car and started madly searching for a spot. (side note: get the insurance they offer. It was the first time I splurged and bought it. winner) How different the city is when viewing it through parent goggles. We drove all over the city, marking off places we thought we would love and starring spots we had initially written off. And then we drove over the Golden Gate again to Marin County, heading to a house that I saw on Craigslist. We got off the exit and drove down the most beautiful road, huge redwoods coming out of the ground. We passed secret tree houses nestled in the trees, families biking everywhere, little shops and cute restaurants. And we came to the house, perched on the side of a mountain, very much out of a dream that has been living far back in my mind for years. We both looked at each other and started laughing...Laughing, giddy with excitement. Letting ourselves FEEL the excitement of it all.

Oh yeah... he WAS officially offered the job. Key. And, everything fit perfectly. 

So, we go. We say goodbye to the lovely city we have called home for the past 9 years. We give Charleston a hug, thank it for being SO INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL and count its numerous blessings.

We step out of our beautiful simplicity and into our new journey.

And, we do this completely knowing that God played a hand.



Bob and the kids out front of our new "treehouse"













A Valentine's Tribute February 15 2013, 8 Comments

I was laying in bed thinking last night about how long it has been since I have written a blog. With this business growing without employees really being added, time is something that is not a luxury around here. So, in turn, things get dropped. Our blog was among the casualties. In the same "laying there without sleeping" time, I was also thinking about my dear husband. The man is just plain good. --A good, lovely, unassuming treasure of a man. He is selfless, so talented I can't even take it, giving, a hard-as-hell worker, and a great father. He is also not superhuman. And, these past few months have taken a toll. Yes, on all of us, but the poor man works a normal 9-5 and then continues to work his tail off at this business. HE HAS NO TIME FOR HIMSELF. He is pulled in 1000 directions. 

I laid in bed (Bob was downstairs, of course, still working on the computer) and thought about our history, our beginning, our story. It made me weep silently in our bed. It brought out the tears, emotions and exhaustion of the past few months. There I was, our little girl asleep beside me, silently crying in my pillow-- crying because I am SO UNBELIEVABLY BLESSED... crying because I am so mad at myself for letting the stresses of parenting, work, business owning, daily life happenings mask these blessings for the past few months... crying because I have not been loving him the way he has needed to be loved... crying because, well, because of it all. I am sure most can relate.

And so my mind went, my tears rolled, thinking about our journey together. How we met, how we got married, how we landed in Charleston. And, for some reason, I wanted to share. 


Bob and I met in 1996. I had just turned 15, Bob was about to be 17. We met at Young Life camp in New York, both traveling far with groups from our schools. I am from Wheeling, West Virginia. Bob is from Cleveland, Ohio. On one of the first days at camp, I saw him. He was in the hot tub, his long hair (yes, it used to be longer!) and ripped abs caught my attention in like 30 seconds. He was dreamy. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought so. I distinctly remember a dear friend of mine yelling out "He's mine!" and another fighting her on it. I joined in. No, ladies, he was MINE. And, well, we all know how that turned out.

I didn't think he noticed me at all. But then, a day later, when I was making a beaded necklace, he came up to me and asked me to go on a walk. And, this was the beginning. I always say that he didn't even speak 2 words during that walk. He always says its because I never gave him the opportunity--A spot-on look into our dynamic.

That week was an incredible whirlwind. And, by the end, I was in love...A crying mess when his bus pulled away, taking him back to Ohio. That was 3 hours from where I lived. An eternity to a 15 year old girl in love. 

So, we bought calling cards (yes, this was way before cell phones, or at least cell phones in West Virginia) and wrote letters back and forth (yes, this was before email). He illustrated each envelope he sent and I eagerly waited for the mailman every day. He started to visit every few months. (I laugh typing this because he drove an old Dodge Charger. We called it the 2+2. That car was a piece of shit and he had to stop every so often and let it cool down on the side of the road before continuing on.) At first, he brought his best friend, Steve, who took a liking to one of my friends at camp. But, that relationship soon faded so his trips would mostly be by himself. 

The next year was high school love bliss. Bob was a senior in Cleveland and I was a sophomore in Wheeling.  By then, I was driving there as well. Our families had met, and our little hearts were over the moon. We would call each other on pay phones during school. We were done. Completely done.

Of course, there has to be a sad part of this story...

When Bob went to college, we continued dating.  During this time, we would break up and get back together like the best of them. Him needing to experience college life, me dating others in high school. yada yada yada.. same old young love story. But, the whole time, he was still very close to my family, particularly my mom. They would still talk, even if we weren't on speaking terms. It was during one of these break-ups that my mother got married.I was a senior in high school. She married the most amazing man, Warren. And, even though I was dating someone else at the time, Bob was still a groomsman. That is how close they were. Little did I know what this would mean, how precious their relationship was on many levels.

That next year, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. If it wasn't for my sister, she might not have even had a fighting chance. My oldest sister, Annie, was a hair dresser. My mom went in to get her hair done and Annie felt a bump on her head. If it were ANYONE else, nothing probably would have been said. But, since it was her mother, Annie joked that she had a weird bump on her scalp. My mom had no clue and happened to have a doctors appointment soon after. She brought it up to the doctor who looked and took a piece to biopsy. And, that was that... melanoma. Already spread into her lymph nodes. 

Fast forward through many months of pain and then joy that she was in remission. This was when Bob and I decided that we shouldn't even physically talk anymore. We both still loved each other but we needed to let go to fully live our lives. I distinctly remember my heart breaking into a million pieces. A pain I never thought imaginable... This was also when I decided to leave West Virginia and move to Los Angeles. That year before was one of the worst in my life.. I needed a change. And, so, I went. My mom encouraging me to follow my dreams, not look back. I got on a plane, enrolled in Cal State Northridge and started my new life out west. 

And, soon after, her cancer came back. But, being the person she was, she didn't want me to know how bad it was. She wanted me to live my life. She wanted me not to worry or change my life to be with her. She knew that I wouldn't be able to handle it. And she was right. 

But, she just couldn't fight it. And, eventually, the cancer won. 

Fuck you, cancer.

And that was the night. The worst night in my life. The night when I was actually out celebrating my best friend in California's remission (she was battling Lukemia. Sadly, cancer beat her too. I got her long enough that she was in our wedding and even visited us in Charleston).. I came home from that glorious celebration to my roommate meeting me at the front door. She said my stepdad was trying to call all night. She knew it wasn't good. And then, the phone rang again. And, it was him. And, I was drunk. I was completely intoxicated. And I hear, almost like in a hollow tunnel, my world spinning "Kris, your mom passed away tonight".. and I remember dropping the phone, sobbing as my boyfriend and best friend, Courtney (who we were celebrating), picked up the pieces. They let me sob and selflessly packed my bags. They packed everything as I lay on the floor. 

I only remember this night in snippets-- I remember them talking to Warren on the phone and making travel arrangements, I remember arriving at the airport, them having to physically walk me to my gate because I a. was drunk  b. was just told my mom, my everything my whole life, was no longer on this earth. 

But you know what I did have the sense to do during all of this? I had the sense to call Bob. He was the first person I called. I hadn't talked to him in awhile. That combined with the fact that it was in the middle of the night probably tipped him off. He answered and I told him that she was gone. And he cried. And he told me he would meet me at the airport. 

And, that was it. The moment I saw him again I knew. We both knew.

Yes, this sounds mellow dramatic. I know this is slightly ridiculous. But, this is our true story. (Well, besides the fact that my "still a little bit drunk" self had to take a taxi from Columbus OH to Wheeling WV because my flight couldn't land in Pittsburgh.. details)

I walked into my home in Wheeling, our house full of people there to be with my family. And, there he was. And from that one hug we both knew that we were each other's future. I still had a steady boyfriend in California, poor soul had no idea. Bob, I am sure, had some bimbo in Pittsburgh. All of that didn't matter. He was by my side during those awful days of visiting hours and funerals. Without words, he knew how to comfort me. He was my rock. He still is my rock.

After the break ups with our other significant others, Bob landed a job in San Diego. And, out to Cali he moved. We would visit each other on the weekends and within a year he was moved into my place in Los Angeles. And, well, he put a ring on it. 

In 2004 we got married. I was 23. Bob was 24. We decided that it was time to leave Los Angeles. It was time for a new journey. 

And so, we did what any couple would do when trying to decide where to start their married life together--We got out a map of the United States and chose our new life... And, we picked Charleston, SC, neither of us ever visiting the city. It seemed like a good fit. So, we packed a u-haul, drove 3,000+ miles and landed in our new city. We got a storage unit, put everything in it, went to West Virginia, got married, went on a 3 month backpacking journey through Europe (well, it was supposed to be 3 months but we ran out of money within 2 months). And, then we came to our new home. And, we have been in Charleston ever since. 

And since 2004 we have: rented 2 places, bought 2 houses, worked 7 different jobs combined, had 2 kids and birthed this amazing company. 

AND, THE MOST PRECIOUS PART OF THIS STORY IS THAT OUT OF TRAGEDY CAME OUR FUTURE. That the love my mom had for my high school boyfriend would be the catalyst in bringing us back together.

I love that he knew my mom. That he was in her wedding. That she was his biggest fan.

It is an ironic thing since my mother, the same woman who encouraged me to travel the world, experience everything, was also the person who guaranteed that I would end up with him. She said that since I was 15. What mother says that? It was the complete opposite of what she taught us. But, she knew it. And, she was right.

And it all makes sense. Why we work so well together. Why we work period. And unfortunately, why I had to write this out to come back to the place of realizing how blessed we are.  Because we are each other's pasts. We helped mold each other into who we are today. We are so used to the other one being around that it is effortless on many levels. And, so normal to us that I never stop to really appreciate our history. 

So, now I am appreciating it and hoping never to let this history be masked because of its normalcy in our lives.

And, there you go. 

Our story.

Continually being written....

A Valentine's Tribute.

Small Business Saturday, Sunday & Monday November 23 2012, 0 Comments


We at neve / hawk believe it is important to SHOP SMALL. Small businesses are vital to our economy and we encourage each one of you to support the local businesses you love. Here at neve / hawk, we will be celebrating our small business by offering our biggest discounts yet! Give the gift of local. Give the gift of American Made.

Shop Saturday on our website 
and receive 35% off

Shop Sunday and Monday on our website 
and receive 25% off

Enter coupon code 'givethanks' at checkout

THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION... November 13 2012, 9 Comments

Having our clothing MADE IN THE USA isn't just a trend for neve / hawk but something we truly believe in... a hard line. As of now, we produce our clothing in Los Angeles and North Carolina, with only sewing in NC. All fabric is made, dyed, buttons and trim bought etc. in California. Our dream is to have almost all aspects of our production as close to home as possible. We want to be a part of the movement of revitalizing the textile industry here in the Carolinas. You see, the Carolinas used to be the hub of the industry. But, free trade regulations and fierce price competition from global countries triggered a steady relocation of the textile industry from the Carolinas to overseas. And, well, we want to bring it back.

Last Wednesday, I went on a 24 hour journey through the Carolinas with the wonderful Heather Koonse from the Charleston Garment Manufacotry. We both share an incredible passion for the future of the garment industry not only in the Carolinas but right here in Charleston. (click on the link above to read about Heather and her amazing company/vision.) So, we joined forces, hopped in a car on election night and began our journey of finding a strong network of individuals and companies in the Carolina industry...

Our first stop of Clemson Apparel Research in Pendleton, SC. I had heard about CAR in passing from a number of people this past year. Not really sure how they would fit in with my path and being shy about my lack of overall knowledge, I had never contacted them. Oh, how I regret not reaching out sooner. From the moment I first spoke on the phone to Elroy Pierce at CAR, I knew my relationship with CAR would be a lasting one. (Elroy was a sly guy and managed to dodge every picture) He has worked at CAR for 25 years and has immeasurable knowledge of the Carolina textile industry. From helping link us with the companies we need to being able to digitize and grade patterns, CAR can be a helping hand. Everyone was as sweet as honey, wanting to help with anything they could. 

Their facility was incredible. 


Both Heather and I left CAR with a fire and spark.. excited about everything we could learn.. and everything we could contribute.

Following our stop at CAR, we headed to Opportunity Threads in Morganton, NC... I will be doing a blog post on them in the future... the way the business is set up is fascinating. Anyway, it was a great stop and another lasting relationship was hopefully made. 

From Opportunity Threads, we trucked on to the Manufacturing Solutions Center in Conover, NC. I wasn't sure what to expect here since Heather was the point of contact and I had never spoken with them. Ummm... I WAS BLOWN AWAY.

First of all Dan St. Louis, the director of MSC, was one of the nicest people I have ever met.

<----- THIS IS DAN

He is one of those people that has a spark, a fire for what he does and for connecting people in the industry. His new facility was breathtaking. What does MSC do? Well, overall they" help US manufacturers increase sales, improve quality and improve efficiency to create or retain jobs."  They do this by making prototypes, testing products, analyzing materials, training personnel etc. 

We watched as socks were being dissected to test their fiber composition...

as chairs were being moved back and forth via machine to see how many times their casters could roll back and forth before giving out...

as WHOLE sweaters were being knit in a machine... (although I love HAND knit, this was incredibly interesting and fitting in numerous situations)

We toured the entire facility, seeing numerous testing sites including an area for flammability testing for garments... 


something that neve / hawk will need in the future when making children's sleepwear. This was a missing piece of our puzzle. A piece that overwhelmed and mystified us. No longer.




I MEAN, HOW FANTASTIC IS THIS PLACE???  *insert a long fulfilling sigh here*

So, all in all, it was a great trip. No, it was a wonderful trip. Beyond wonderful. Oh how I wish I was a good writer. This post doesn't do our 24 hour tour justice. 

On the way home, tired beyond belief, we were smiling at what we are a part of.. what we are learning.. what we will learn.. how our pieces will fit into the whole puzzle. 

 It was a great reminder that THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION.

Create a day you love-



What's the big rush? November 07 2012, 1 Comment


So, we are barely a week into November and Christmas is in full swing – from the beautifully decorated storefronts and boutiques downtown, to the waft of peppermint-spiked mondo, half-whipped, skinny mochachinos escaping the front doors of every Starbucks, ‘tis the season! I know in my house, my minis are begging me to start the never-ending loop of holiday favorites such as Elf and Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas on the dvd player.  List have been written and re-written to their beloved, jocular Saint of the North. Expectations climb higher and higher everyday and I am struggling to slow the frenetic pace and switch focus instead to one of my favorite holidays of the year – Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I am NO Grinch and embrace the magic and wonder of the Christmas holiday in its entirety; but not until December.

Thanksgiving by its very definition is a celebration of gratitude. We give thanks for family, friends, and count the many, many blessings of our lives. We have four whole days to play, and eat, and rest, and be…thankful. Unfortunately, in the hard-driving consumer-culture of the advertising age, Thanksgiving has become a speed bump on the way to Black Friday mad-dash shopping which the flyers in the newspapers have been counting down to for weeks. I must say that I have loved the Facebook surge that I have seen many folks embracing by expressing daily gratitude. For those of you that have been doing this – thank you for reminding us all that it is so important to reflect on our good fortune. We have all experienced hardships and frustrations and difficult times but all it takes for me to get a little perspective on what I call my “champagne problems” is to lift up my head from my immediate reality and become aware that meeting the basic needs of my family – food, shelter, health and loving support – is a distant luxury for many, many people the world over.

Wow…I promised Kris and Bob (and you) that my blog posts would cease to be so heavy and here I go beating you all about the head and neck with my soapbox of today – Be Thankful! Be Present! Christmas can wait, and should wait, until after Thanksgiving. What do you do in your families and among your friends to celebrate gratitude? We would love to hear.

*And in case you just cannot suppress the urge for a bit of holiday shopping this month, support American made products or give the gifts of experience.  (This will be an entirely separate post in the not too distant future on gift suggestions as we have LOTS of ideas!)

In the meantime,  a snapshot of a memory with Neve and my wee ones that reminds of a day well spent following their bliss.

In the meantime, create a day that you love,



The Amazing Shannon Sewell October 30 2012, 0 Comments

 Seriously, I can't say enough about Shannon Sewell. She is an amazing photographer, every picture jaw dropping, and an incredibly beautiful creative. You can tell all of these things simply by reading her "about" section on her website...

Don't you want to be friends with her??

You would be silly not to check out her whole site... galleries and blog. We are lucky enough to be included in a recent shoot Shannon did in California. *I CAN'T GET OVER THE LOVELINESS OF WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE*...

(click link above to see the whole blog post.. here are some of the highlights. heavens to betsy)

Also, check out the online creative sketchbook she and the incredible Julie Martin of Zozobugbaby have birthed. Ridiculous.

Become a fan of Dreamer: A Creative Sketchbook.

Like what you see in the photos. Find them in our online store here:

Convertible Skirt-to-Dress Instructions October 29 2012, 0 Comments

We posted this video to Neve's blog, but we thought it made sense to put it here as well. This is a quick video tutorial on how to tie the straps on the convertible skirts and dresses to make them dresses. 

Local Launch October 15 2012, 0 Comments

 "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

Yesterday we launched our first full collection at WORTHWHILE, a local boutique in the historic King Street shopping district of Charleston - our home town. WORTHWHILE is no ordinary little shop, but rather this beautiful, other-worldly curated collection of loveliness. Imagine the steam punk aesthetics of the sweets factory in Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang (if you know not of what I speak, go, now, and watch this film - Dick Van Dyke in his prime, a lead female named "Truly Scrumptious", musical numbers, and good 'ole g-rated entertainment; but I digress) crossed with the stylistic magic of AmelieMoulin Rouge, and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. All cinematic references aside, this shop, under owner Robben Richard's watchful guidance, has long been a local anchor amongst a rapidly advancing line of big box chains up and down the surrounding blocks. Bear with me as I paint this picture of where we spent our Sunday afternoon with old friends and new fans. You see, since Kris first began to imagine what was possible in the neve / hawk world, she crafted a dream board. On this actual board, she pinned words, images, and inspirations to help manifest this dream. Smack dab in the middle of her dream board, Kris tacked up the business card for WORTHWHILE. Today, less than one year later, there hangs neve / hawk. Talk about a fantastic voyage! We couldn't imagine a more perfect partnership! Even though we have been fortunate enough to land in boutiques across the United States and even in a couple overseas this first season, we want to continue to forge relationships with those pioneer spirits of local business like Robben wherever we land. We are proud to say that we are American conceived, manufactured and produced. And while this path is certainly not the least expensive, quickest or easiest route to our customers (to say the least), we truly believe that it is the best path for this business, for our family.

*So, please, if you live in the Charleston area, go by WORTHWHILE at 268 King Street and meet Robben and get to know our clothes up close and personal. If you live elsewhere, drop us a line and let us know where you think we should land in your part of the world.

Fall Winter Runway - Charleston Fashion Week 2012 September 30 2012, 0 Comments

Since our Fall / Winter 2012 line has officially launched to the public, we thought we would post the cute kids walking the runway in the gear from the 2012 Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designers Competition. We had a blast and love looking back at this.

Neve + Hawk at Charleston Fashion Week 2012 from Jewell&Ginnie on Vimeo.

Introducing Our First Full Line! Fall / Winter 2012 September 25 2012, 1 Comment



Today is the day. When reflecting back on the past 10 months since you, our devoted friends, family and fans - let’s call you our frans - gave us the financial seed money that allowed us to begin this journey in earnest, the process has been uncannily similar to a full-term pregnancy.  We have been on an emotional roller coaster here at neve / hawk headquarters and our emotions have run the wide gamut of excitement, disbelief, euphoria, nausea, panic, despair, elation and devotion to name a few. As a matter of fact, this “baby” is a bit overdue. And we are starting to feel uncomfortably pregnant – swollen ankles, fountains of tears, long grueling hours of labor and still nothing to show the world for it. So we have scheduled a delivery. Today, September 27, 2012, is the day that we will finally introduce our newest addition to the world-at-large. It seems only fitting that the debut collection of neve / hawk FW’12 will share a birthday with Bob – we are doubly blessed.

While the last few weeks have been anything but comfortable or easy, we believe every moment has value and we have learned so many lessons along the way. Our partnerships with sew shops in North Carolina and California set us apart from the majority of designers today who outsource manufacturing overseas. It is a sad reality that it is much more difficult from a cost perspective to have fabric manufactured and garments made within the United States, but there is a growing demand from buyers who believe in the power of their dollars to change our local and national economies. We hope that neve / hawk will resonate with those buyers. 

We are incredibly proud of our latest creation and cannot wait to introduce y’all. This baby of ours wouldn’t be here were it not for every one of you reading these words that believed in us, encouraged us, and kept us focused on the end goal along the way when the din of distractions grew loud and the stumbling blocks felt insurmountable at times. 

So, please, get yourself over to and make nice with the new baby. Share her with your friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Drop us a line and let us know what you think about her!  And, as wonderfully challenging as the past nine+ months have been, we know the real work is just beginning. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.